"Sometimes people don't understand what we do and they judge us. That's when we get bullied. But here, everyone understands."

Ben, Age 10

Since the foundation of MYTIME Young Carers in 2013, we have been running fun activity days for young carers of ages 5-18 through our Memory-Making Programme. Each Memory-Making day out involves around 20 young carers and includes an activity such as rock-climbing, ice-skating or ski-bobbing, and a meal out. These events are entirely sponsored by MYTIME.

72% of young carers report feeling isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities. 1 in 3 reports feeling stressed. The work young carers do for their loved ones is invaluable and our society depends on them, but at MYTIME, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to connect, learn, give back to themselves, be active and take notice.

Our Memory-Making days are designed to provide young carers with much-needed breaks from their caring responsibilities, and to help them maintain good mental health and wellbeing. We all need time for ourselves every now and then, and these activity days represent precious opportunities for young carers to simply relax and enjoy themselves.

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"Being a young carer sometimes makes me feel frustrated because everything's on me. I'm quick to get angry, and I think that's why. Days like today help me to relax."

Mason, Age 14

Perhaps one of the most significant obstacles faced by young carers today is feeling like other people won't understand their circumstances and that they're alone. The role of a young carer is often overlooked, misunderstood or even unfairly stigmatised. Our activity days allow young carers the chances to meet other members of their own community and to establish a support network comprised of children who truly understand their circumstances. Better still, they prove to young carers the reality of their situation: that they are not alone.

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 "Sometimes people don't understand what we do and they judge us. That's when we get bullied. But here, everyone understands."

Ben, Age 10

Over 80% of young carers report that their participation in leisure activities has suffered as a result of their caring responsibilities, so it’s important that our Memory-Making days offer young carers chances to partake in new experiences. By trying new things, young carers can develop key life skills and positive mental attitudes such as resilience and self-belief.

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"I’ve conquered my fears today and that feels good!”

Alisha, Age 12, after a Memory-Making day spent rock-climbing