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We rely on our dedicated ambassadors to help raise MYTIME's profile and support our growth. MYTIME ambassadors act as representatives and spokespeople for the charity, raising awareness of our work and cause at every opportunity. They champion the interests of young carers, they actively encourage their communities and peers to support MYTIME and they give generously of their time and expertise.

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Action through advocacy

Ambassadors help us to raise our profile amongst audiences we might otherwise struggle to reach

They use their status and influence within their own networks to help us achieve our strategic goals, and create extensive awareness of young carers at all levels of government and society. Ultimately, our ambassadors help to accelerate meaningful change for young carers.

Could you be a MYTIME Ambassador?

If you are moved by the work MYTIME does and want to find a way to give more meaningfully, then perhaps becoming an ambassador is something to consider.

We select our ambassadors based on a set of core values that make them truly unique individuals and incredibly good eggs. Read below to see if being an ambassador could be a fit for you:
Circle Leader

Industry Leader
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High-profile within their industry or field of expertise

Circle Influencer

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Influential within their circle

Circle Educate About MT

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Well educated about our mission and cause

Circle Authenticity

MYTIME Champion
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Willing to promote MYTIME wherever possible

Circle Offer Support

Wide Network
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Happy to introduce MYTIME to contacts that can drive the agenda forward

Circle Philanthropy

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Prepared to give where they can by donating time, money or expertise

What you'll geT

In return for your support, ambassadors will:
Circle Support Applications

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be provided with informative and educational resources and research

Circle Events

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receive regular correspondence and involvement in our work and events

Circle Meet Carer

Meet Young Carers
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get to meet the incredible young carers we support

Circle Access Areas

Access All Areas
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be invited to see our work and campaigns in action

Circle VIP

VIP Invitations
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attend special, invite-only events announcing MYTIME's progress and news

Circle Visibility

Visibility & Profile
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be promoted on our website and through social media

Ambassador Profiles

Meet Emberly
Emberly is the youngest ambassador for MYTIME Young Carers. A young carer herself, Emberly has been a fierce advocate for MYTIME since she started accessing the charity’s services in 2020. Although she is one of the youngest children MYTIME support, Emberly is one of the most outspoken advocates for the charity. After finding out that MYTIME’s work relies on donations and becoming concerned the support they give her and others in her situation may stop, Emberly was inspired to start a campaign to raise money for the weekly Zoom meetings and activity days she loves so much, by taking on a four-hour dance-a-thon.

Emberly became a young carer when her mum fell ill and needed support, taking on so much for someone so young. Emberly says that ‘MYTIME helps me when I have struggles and worries about my mummy. The making memory days and Zoom meetings make me feel very happy, relaxed and calm and it helps because I am always a little bit worried about Mummy. We need to fundraise, because if MYTIME run out of money, the Zoom meetings for all the young carers can’t happen anymore. Young carers need Zoom meetings to look after their mummies, learn how to do things and calm down.’

Meet James Isaac
Co-Founder & Group Fitness Instructor
E-Motion Fitness Hub

Having started his career as a personal trainer in 2013, James has helped hundreds to grow, develop and achieve their personal goals over the years. In 2017, his powerful ambition to be able to support thousands more led him to co-found E-motion Fitness Hub in Poole. Today, as co-owner and head coach here, James demonstrates his passion for fitness, mental health and community every day.

James first became involved with MYTIME when he volunteered to deliver a fun fitness class through MYTIME's Zoom Youth Group during the UK's first national lockdown in 2020. James states that, "After meeting some of the carers, it really hit home how resilient, hard working and amazing these young people are. It then became apparent that MYTIME's community was a perfect fit with E-Motion's."

Since then, James and the whole community at E-motion Fitness Hub have gone above and beyond to support MYTIME. By volunteering time to deliver activities for young carers and by throwing themselves whole-heartedly into fundraising challenges for the charity, James and the E-motion team have demonstrated incredible commitment to MYTIME's cause, time and time again. James says, "As an ambassador, I hope to help MYTIME's mission and vision of providing young carers with further opportunities through support and friendship."

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