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Through our Level Up Programme, we provide schools with the tools, resources, strategies and support that they need in order to create more supportive and inclusive environments for young carers. Ultimately, this programme is all about creating the conditions in which young carers can thrive and achieve their full potential.

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The Level Up programme is all about creating the conditions in which young carers can thrive and achieve their full potential

MYTIME believes that no child's destiny should be defined by their beginning, yet statistics published by the Children's Society and Carers' Trust indicate that young carers achieve 9 grades lower overall at GCSE than their peers and that 49% of young adult carers between the ages of 18 and 25 are currently unemployed. If you’re a teacher and want to learn more about how MYTIME can support you, contact us: 
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Programme overview

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Addressing the Need

Daniel's mother is wheelchair-bound and lives with a mental health condition, and Daniel has been caring for her since he was just five years old. For as long as he can remember, Daniel has wanted to study medicine. More than anything in the world, he wants to know how to fix his mum.
But Daniel’s falling behind in school. He worries about leaving his mum on her own, so his attendance is poor, his concentration too. His caring responsibilities take up so much of his time that he has no hobbies, no social life and it’s taking its toll on his mental health. His teachers don’t know how to help him, because they have no idea what it is that Daniel has to contend with at home, and with no-one to turn to or confide in, Daniel doesn’t know how to help himself.

Daniel is a remarkable young man but when he grows up, he’s not likely to study medicine. In fact, he’s twice as likely as his peers to find himself out of employment altogether.

MYTIME works through its Level Up programme to ensure that young carers like Daniel have access to the additional support they may need in school, and are able to achieve their full potential in education and beyond.


Recent studies conducted by MYTIME Young Carers are helping to transform our understanding of the impact on the lives of young carers in our community. The attendance, attainment, and pupil premium numbers of young carers from local secondary schools were thoroughly examined and the findings are nothing short of astounding, revealing that young carers miss an average of 27 days per year, equating to almost 70% of their academic year. This demonstrates the urgent requirement for additional resources, enhanced support, and targeted interventions within schools.

In addition to this work, we have conducted a deep dive on the 2023 school census, sharing detailed statistics on the incredible impact MYTIME Young Carers' Level Up programme is having on young carers in the BCP area, ensuring that young carers needs are met and they have a better experience throughout their educational journey. These findings reveal that raising school awareness enhances young carers' understanding, staff training fosters support, and having access to support groups improves their well-being and academic success. These invaluable insights emphasise the need for schools to implement effective support mechanisms to enhance young carers' engagement in their education.

Take a look at our reports below for essential learning, a deeper understanding and how we are implementing effective measures to support young carers.


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MYTIME Young Carers School Census Report 2023


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“The support we, as a school, have had from MYTIME has been amazing and inspiring. They provide a safe space for our young carers to be themselves; help in practical ways as well as providing emotional support and have provided training to staff to enable us to be more aware of and sensitive to the needs of this special group of children.”

Alison Trimmings
Principal, Burton Primary School

The Level Up Programme is targeted at school staff and teachers across primary, middle and secondary schools, as well as colleges

The aims of the programme are to:

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Raise awareness of young carers within their school communities

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Equip schools with the tools and the know-how to more effectively support young carers, both academically and emotionally

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Ensure that young carers have everything they need to achieve their full potential, in education and beyond

To achieve these aims, we offer the following services in schools:

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Staff training designed to enable staff to identify and more effectively support young carers

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Educational student assemblies and PSHE lessons

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Individualised young carer policies, tailored to the unique contexts of each school

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Assistance launching and running a young carer support group

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Half-termly support meetings for designated Young Carer Champions

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Access to 1:1 tutoring for young carers where necessary1

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Access to 1:1 counselling for young carers where necessary2

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Access to coaching for young carers3

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Access to our Making Memories activity days, residential retreats and online youth group for young carers

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Access to our Employability Programme for young adult carers

1Tutoring services are offered in partnership with the Connie Rothman Learning Trust
2Counselling services are offered in partnership with the Leonardo Trust
3Coaching services are offered in partnership with Worth-It Positive Education


"Glenmoor and Winton have been working closely with MYTIME Young Carers to develop a programme of support for young carers at our school. Since beginning the project, the quality of the provision the young carers receive has improved significantly. Senior leaders and the pastoral team have received high quality training from MYTIME on the issues facing young carers in schools and the most effective strategies to support them. As a result, pastoral staff have identified several students as young carers who were previously unknown to them.
The impact this programme has had on our young carers is incredible and we look forward to continuing to work with MYTIME to ensure that the students at our school receive all the support and provision they need to go on and live happy and successful lives."

Angelina Parker
Assistant Principal, Glenmoor and Winton Academies

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More Information
There is no limit to the provision which we can provide to schools and young carers. The overarching aim of Level-Up is to create a change of culture in schools which promotes and supports young carers through their education, taking their caring responsibilities into account when putting provision in place.

If you would like more information on MYTIME’s Level Up Programme or how your school can participate, whether you are a teacher or a student, contact us: 

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