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Lots of young carers are not known to their schools and as a result, are unable to access support which is available to them.

There are an estimated 700,000 young carers (Nottingham University, 2016) in England aged between 5-18 who are responsible for looking after relatives who may have a disability, illness mental health issue or a drug/alcohol problem.

Providing training to staff on how to identify young carers can increase staff awareness and ensure these young carers have access to the support and opportunity they need to be successful. Attending training will help staff understand how to make a referral for a young carer assessment.

How can MYTIME Young Carers Help?

  • We can provide CPD to staff on how to identify and support young carers
  • We can help schools set up a young carer support programme
  • We can provide young carers with access to tutoring to support them academically through the Connie Rothman Learning Trust
  • We can provide young carers with access to counselling to support their emotional needs through the Leonardo Trust
  • We can provide young carers with the chance to take part in our Making Memories Programme or a stay at our R&R Centre
  • We run a weekly online youth group for young carers to help create community and reduce feelings of isolation
  • We can deliver whole school assemblies to raise awareness of young carers
  • We can support you in writing and implementing your young carer policy
12 Identify a Young Carer
If you want to find out more or contact us for help and advice, please get in touch!