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In England, young carers have the legal right to be assessed by the local authority they live in. While the word 'assessment' may sound scary, it's actually a supportive process that can allow you and the person you care for to access some additional help.

By contacting the local authority you live in (see contact details below) you can get in touch with someone from their young carer team and arrange for an assessment to take place.

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Did you know that an estimated
700,000 young carers are living in the UK?


Young carers can be as
young as 5 years old


1 in 12 secondary school students
have caring responsibilities

What to expect

Normally this process involves an initial phone call, so that your local authority can find out a bit about you and your situation.

The young carer team will then make a decision about what happens next. Next steps might involve a conversation with you on your own or with the person you care for.


If you live in BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole)

Visit Children’s First Response for a young carer assessment


phone-icon-blk  01202 735046


If you live in Dorset

Visit Carer Support Dorset for a young carer assessment, to get a carers card or to get advice on services


 phone-icon-blk  0800 368 8349


Other support agencies available

Visit Leonardo Trust for free counselling or if you’d like to apply for a grant.



If you feel confused or overwhelmed

If the process above feels a little confusing, then you could try and talk to a parent, another family member you trust, your doctor, a teacher or another member of staff at school that you trust. They could then help you with the process of contacting the BCP or Dorset local authority.


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