Wow, I am so totally grateful to each one of you. My son looks forward to Wednesdays when he zooms MYTIME and has such a lovely time! He cannot have friends over to our house even pre covid, so this really helps him socialise with others that are in a similar situation to him. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

My son has really enjoyed these sessions and I could not believe it when he joined in with the dancing on Friday-that would not usually be something he would do, so this group must have magic powers! Thank you so much.

Honestly, this group has been amazing for my son!

He is a very quiet little boy that lacks confidence, but these sessions are something he really looks forward to. I cannot thank you enough for letting him be a part of them.

Thank you for organising yesterday and I am delighted to tell you that my daughter was equally as delighted as her brother with receiving her goody bag. I do not think she will be taking the jumper off!

My daughter has just opened the parcel from all of you. She could not believe her eyes! She is all about decorating and Christmassy things. It means so much with all she is going through being at home so thank you all so very much. It brought a tear to my eye after this year and our struggles here.

My son is so happy with his jumper, he only wears black clothes most of the time, so this is an amazing choice for him. One incredibly happy boy today. He has had to isolate as his brother is not well. Please say and extra special thank you as the person delivered it went to his school and then on an extra visit to our house to deliver it. Hope all you all have a lovely Christmas.