Many of our team are parents, and some have additional caring responsibilities or have been young carers, we're well placed to understand the challenges that your family may face. 

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You must understand we're here for your child, without prejudice and without any intention but to help support.

We realise that coming forward and registering your child as a young carer or young adult carer might feel a little worrying. We want to reassure you that by registering your child as a young carer, you are opening up a world of exciting opportunities for them to take advantage of and enjoy. 

At MYTIME Young Carers, we dedicate our time to helping parents by supporting their child in and out of education. Our mission here at MYTIME is simple, and we want to make sure the adults and people around your child recognise how their caring responsibilities might impact them and give them the tools to help your family. 

We also want to make sure that your young carer gets the opportunity to meet other young carers AND that they get to have some fun whilst they do it.

We offer many projects and activities to young carers to provide them with the support, friendship and opportunities that every child deserves.

We pride ourselves on having good relationships with the parents of the young carers we work with and support. 

Our Food Provision Programme, Emergency Laptop Appeal and MYTIME Zoom sessions during COVID-19 have enabled us to build on our foundations and get to know the families we support better. 

MYTIME Young Carers is a community, and a family we welcome you to join. 

Your feedback counts and helps us to improve the services we provide.
We welcome your feedback and are here to support you. 


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