As members of a small charity, fuelled by love and compassion, we at MYTIME truly consider ourselves a family unit.

Our experience as individuals is widely varied, our backgrounds diverse, but we’re united by a shared belief in young people, and a passion for helping them to achieve happiness, success and fulfilment.

Take a look below at the wonderful people who make up MYTIME!

Our Team

Krista Cartlidge - Executive Director: “Having spent the last thirteen years working as a secondary school geography teacher in a variety of different schools across the country, I have developed the unshakeable belief that no child's destiny should be defined by their beginning. Young carers are an incredible group of children who demonstrate such selflessness and love for their family on a daily basis, but who often end up putting their own needs last. I feel extremely privileged to serve this wonderful and compassionate group of children, and to work alongside the MYTIME team to ensure that young carers receive the support, opportunities and, friendship that all children deserve.”

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Penelope Day - Development Manager: “As a previous secondary school English teacher, I’ve always had a powerful desire to support young people through their journeys to adulthood, as well as a love for language and writing. My role within MYTIME combines my two greatest passions: I write bids to grant-providers on behalf of the charity, and seek to enlist as much support as possible for an incredibly deserving group of young people. I love what I do, I believe in what I do and I’m inspired every day by the fantastic team and astounding young carers with whom I’m lucky enough to work.”

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Gemma Buchanan - Operations and Groups Manager: “It was my conviction that every child deserves a positive start in life which led me to become a foster carer. Now, I work with MYTIME to ensure that young carers have equal opportunities to succeed. It's fantastic to work within a team which is so dedicated to that one, incredibly important goal.”

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Ellie Talebian - Communications Manager: “Because I grew up providing practical and emotional support to others at home, I understand the unique set of challenges faced by young carers. As a child, I found my norms in uncertainty, chaos and change and this forced me to build enormous resilience. It was my own childhood and my desire to create positive experiences for children that led me to become a group leader and volunteer at The Woodcraft Folk for over 15 years, to train to teach and also to set up my own company to support charitable initiatives. Today,  I am dedicated to helping MYTIME ensure that no young carer feels alone or undervalued in their support role.”

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Emma Fry - Employability Programme Manager: “Like Krista and Penelope, my background is in education. It was when I worked as Head of Year 9 in a local secondary school that I first realised how challenging life could be for young carers, and I've been determined to do my bit to support them ever since. Having launched and run a young carers' group at that school, and later trained and qualified as a Careers Leader and Adviser,  I was delighted when the opportunity arose for me to combine my two great passions by taking on the role of Employability Programme Manager for MYTIME. Within the role, I work with young carers to provide them with the essential skills they need to gain access to employment or further education, breaking down social barriers in the process.”

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Karen Cartlidge - Financial Director: “After a long career in the corporate world working for American Express as Director of Client Management in London, Singapore and Sydney, I was excited to move away from a profit driven organisation to work for MYTIME supporting the young carers in our community. As well as balancing the charity's books, I also offer voluntary support at the events the charity runs for the children. It's impossible not to be impressed by a young carer's altruism, and humbling to understand the daily challenges they face.”

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