Taking Action on Isolation on Young Carers Action Day

15th Mar 2022

Tackling Isolation

MYTIME's Level Up Programme Coordinator has written a letter to her younger self. "As a former young carer, it's important to me that young carers know they are not alone. I wish I had someone tell me that when I was younger and to know that my feelings were valid." Read Laura's letter to her younger self below:

Dear 15-year-old Laura,

You are an incredible young person! I know you don’t believe me as you lack self-confidence and have a lot of self-doubt. However, you need to trust me and believe that you are amazing!

Why am I incredible you ask? Let me tell you.

You have endured so much from such a young age that it has made you incredibly resilient. Life will chuck many challenges and obstacles your way, but you will always find your way through them all and become even stronger because of them.

All the skills you have gained from being a young carer have proved incredibly useful to you in your personal and professional life. All the life skills you gained such as cooking and cleaning meant you were well prepared for university life. The time-management, organisation and problem-solving skills have meant you’ve been able to meet work deadlines and resolve any issues that come your way. The skills and knowledge you have learnt have been life-changing and you can take them with you everywhere you go. See, I told you, that you were an incredible young person!

What about all of those emotions that you feel? Well, they have meant that you have become an incredibly compassionate and empathetic person who can relate to a lot of people. Even those emotions that you think are negative are okay to have! All emotions are valid, and you are allowed to have moments of frustration, you do not need to feel guilty about that.

I know it often feels lonely being you, but you are not alone. You have a great group of friends who love you and think you are amazing and are still your friends in your 30s! There are many people who want to support you. It is not a weakness to ask for help and it definitely does not prove that you are not good enough – because you absolutely are! When you ask people for help you are not burdening them with your problems, you are asking for support that you deserve and that others want to give you.

If there is only one thing you take away from this letter is that you are loved and you are good enough. Always remember that.

Lots of love,

30-year-old Laura