Policy Aims


  • To demonstrate to all MYTIME Young Carers’ commitment to safeguarding and child support
  • To ensure the child’s development in ways that will foster security, confidence and independence
  • To provide an environment in which children and young people feel safe, secure, valued and respected
  • To ensure that children feel confident to approach adults if they are worried or concerned about anything and know that they will be listened to
  • To raise the awareness of all staff of the need to safeguard children and of their responsibilities in identifying and reporting possible cases of abuse
  • To provide a means of monitoring children known or thought to be at risk of harm, and ensure we contribute to assessments of need and support packages for those children
  • To ensure that all members of staff communicate effectively
  • To maintain a structured procedure within the charity, followed by all members of MYTIME Young Carers staff in cases of suspected abuse
  • To promote effective working relationships with all other agencies.
  • To ensure that all staff working within MYTIME Young Carers who have regulated activity access to children are checked as to their suitability. This will include verification of their identity, qualifications, and a satisfactory DBS check with a single central record facility for audit.


Download our Safeguarding Policy Document