MYTIME's amazing supporters 'Brave the Wave' on a mission to raise £10,000 for young carers

19th Jan 2024
Brave the wave fundraisers for young carers

MYTIME Young Carers amazing supporters 'Brave the Wave' on a mission to raise £10,000 for young carers of Dorset and the Isle of Wight

Brave the wave fundraisers for young carers

Throughout the month of January, supporters have demonstrated their commitment by taking a dip in the sea every day, raising funds to support young carers across Dorset and beyond.

Young carers work incredibly hard to take care of their loved ones at home. It is a 24/7 responsibility and on top of that they go to school, college, university or work. It’s just their way of life. This can ultimately lead to them facing significant disadvantage as a result, and MYTIME Young Carers doesn’t think that’s right or fair. 

The 'Brave the Wave' Challenge: Making a Splash for a Purpose

The 'Brave the Wave' campaign invited participants to embrace the chilly waters daily, symbolising the resilience and strength required by young carers facing unique challenges every day. Supporters, undeterred by the winter chill and icy weather this January, wholeheartedly embraced the challenge, turning icy plunges into acts of solidarity and compassion.

The challenge is led by Tim Sills – former professional footballer and current manager of Wimborne Town football club.  Tim is the Corporate Partnerships Executive for MYTIME Young Carers, a UK charity that supports young carers aged 5-25 who are responsible for providing care for a loved one at home. “January is a slow month for fundraising because of Christmas hangovers, Blue Mondays and the cold weather.  We needed a challenge that made a virtue of the fact that January is dark and cold and people retreat inside” Says Tim.  “As part of a group that swims in the sea once a week, all year round, I know how cold it can get.  To do that every day in the month of January seemed like something that would get people’s attention”.


The swimmers include the Chair of the Charity – local businessman and entrepreneur - Paul Tansey.  “Young Carers rarely get respite from the care that they give. Challenging ourselves to dive into cold water every day in January, gives a small insight into the extraordinary commitment they make every single day of their lives.”


Around 15 swimmers are diving into the sea on the South Coast, as well as into ice baths, rivers, open air lidos and quarries in Dorset and beyond. They aim to raise £10,000 by their final group swim at sunrise on Sandbanks Beach on 31stJanuary.  


Making a Meaningful Impact on Young Carers' Lives

By day 19 they already have already raised an impressive £7,500. Funds raised through the 'Brave the Wave' campaign will play a vital role in levelling the playing field for young carers. These funds enable MYTIME Young Carers to expand their reach, providing essential support, resources, and opportunities to young carers in Dorset and beyond. The success of this campaign underscores the community's commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of young carers. Tim Sills said, ‘The swimmers are looking forwards to a dry February!’.


Join the Wave of Support

If you’d like to help these brave fundraisers hit their target of £10,000 you can donate here: While the 'Brave the Wave' challenge is coming to a close at the end of January, the wave of support for young carers continues. MYTIME Young Carers invites individuals and businesses alike to join the ongoing effort to make a difference in the lives of young carers. To learn more about MYTIME Young Carers and how you can contribute, please visit