MYTIME Young Carers Honours Community Heroes at Awards Evening

27th Feb 2024
Emberly young carer

MYTIME Young Carers held an evening of celebration, recognition, and gratitude during their inaugural Community Heroes Awards Evening

on 28th February at Avonbourne Academy in Bournemouth, an event dedicated to recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals and organisations who have supported the charity and young carers in the community.

This special event highlighted the extraordinary efforts of community heroes who made a significant impact on the lives of young carers over the past year. From dedicated volunteers to compassionate supporters and organisations, these individuals demonstrated unwavering commitment and generosity towards the MYTIME Young Carers community. Some of the 10 community awards given included titles such as Funraiser of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

MYTIME proudly acknowledges Frettens Solicitors as an invaluable corporate partner whose unwavering support has significantly contributed to our mission over the past year. Their dedicated involvement in various Making Memories Days, enthusiastic participation in Fundraising Activities, and generous Headline Sponsorship for the MYTIME 10-year Ball have exemplified their commitment to our cause of 'Levelling the Playing Field'. Frettens' continuous efforts in providing opportunities for us to amplify our message have been instrumental over the past year so it comes as no surprise that Frettens clinched two prestigious awards last night. They were honoured with the title of MYTIME’s Corporate Partner of the Year, underscoring their exceptional dedication, and Jenny Williams, their Marketing and Events Executive, was deservedly recognised as Volunteer of the Year. As we embark on another year of collaboration, MYTIME eagerly anticipates continuing our fruitful partnership with Frettens for the third consecutive year.


The evening also included recognising some young carers that are also changing the game in their local community, such as Emberly, who cares for her mother who had a brain injury when Emberly was just 5 years old. Now at 9 years of age, she is fundraising for a third year in a row for MYTIME!

Although only 9, Emberly is one of MYTIME’s most outspoken advocates. After finding out that MYTIME’s work relies on donations, Emberly was inspired to start her latest campaign to raise money for the weekly MYTIME Zoom meetings and activity days she loves so much: ‘MYTIME helps me when I have struggles and worries about my mummy. The Making Memories days out and Zoom meetings make me feel happy, relaxed and calm. They help because I am always a little bit worried about Mummy. We need to fundraise, because if MYTIME run out of money, the Zoom meetings for all the young carers can’t happen anymore.”

Emberly young carer

MYTIME Young Carers proudly celebrated the recipient of the 'Young Carer Hero award' during last night's event. The selection process proved to be a deeply moving and inspiring experience, as MYTIME received an abundance of remarkable nominations. Each story, unique and compelling, made the decision challenging, as we recognised the extraordinary efforts of every individual deserving of recognition. Among these outstanding nominees, one young carer's dedication shone brightly. 

The nomination, submitted by her mother as a surprise, illuminated her exceptional commitment to caring for her younger brother, who has autism. The young carer’s proactive approach to understanding and supporting her brother is awe-inspiring. From bringing joy through laughter and singing, to providing comfort during difficult moments, her compassion knows no bounds. This particular young carer embodies resilience, empathy, and selflessness, making her a true source of inspiration deserving of acknowledgment and celebration.

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable recipients of our other Community Hero Awards. Among them, Jemima Jennings is recognised as the Young Carer Game Changer of the Year, showcasing exemplary dedication and resilience. Bradley Miller receives the esteemed Face Your Fears Award, symbolising bravery and overcoming challenges. Ashley Beament is honoured as MYTIME's Individual Fundraiser of the Year, exemplifying extraordinary commitment to young carers. Jacob Foxwell is celebrated for his unwavering engagement and support within the Zoom Youth Group Young Carer community. David and Jan Pointer are acknowledged with the Outstanding Contribution Award for their profound impact and selfless service. Lastly, Naomi Gill is lauded as MYTIME's Young Carer Champion of the Year, embodying leadership and advocacy in her school. Their contributions inspire us all, and MYTIME extend their heartfelt congratulations to each deserving awardee.

Callie Johnson, Head of Fundraising commented on the evening: “It was a pleasure to hold this evening in recognition of the most amazing bunch of people who make our MYTIME Community. These individuals and organisations mean everything to MYTIME and allow us to continue our work with young carers in our local community. As a charity that receives no government funding, our community is so powerful for our cause. ”