Making Memories: An Eye-Opening and Deeply Inspiring Experience for Our New Team Member Daryna

11th Jun 2024
Making Memories climbing day MYTIME

Hello everyone! I’m Daryna, the newest team member at MYTIME Young Carers. 

Before I joined MYTIME, I had a basic understanding of who young carers are - children and teens who take on significant responsibilities at home, often caring for a family member. But seeing it firsthand gave me a much deeper appreciation of their daily struggles. These kids are amazing, balancing school, home duties, and caregiving with little time left for themselves. They often feel stressed, tired, and isolated. I now fully realise why the help MYTIME provides with your support is so crucial for these remarkable young people. 

Recently, I had the privilege of joining the young carers on an extraordinary MYTIME Making Memories’ event. This experience was not only eye-opening but also deeply inspiring. I’d love to share my adventure with you! 

Picture a beautiful, spacious area surrounded by stunning nature with views of the hills and the sea, filled with various activity zones - that’s the “Cumulus Outdoor Activity Day”, MYTIME organised for Young Carers. 

Young Carers explored tunnels, tackled a high ropes course, and tested the balance and strategy with crate stacking. We also enjoyed a shooting range and axe throwing, which added an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the day. The kids showed incredible courage and teamwork, tackling each activity with enthusiasm. Watching them conquer their fears and support each other was truly heartwarming. 

Seeing the transformation in the children was profoundly moving. They arrived looking weary and reserved, burdened by their responsibilities. By the end of the day, they left with smiles, newfound friends, and a lightness in their step. 

One young carer said, “Climbing that ladder was scary, but when I reached the top, I felt so proud of myself and now I know I can manage anything.” Their words reinforced just how crucial MYTIME’s work and your support are. 

young carer day out with MYTIME

I’ve realised that these events are more than just fun days out. They are lifelines for young carers, who often juggle the demands of school and family responsibilities, missing out on typical childhood experiences. Through the Making Memories program, we aim to provide these much-needed breaks. These days help reduce stress, foster a sense of community - a safe space where they can freely share their thoughts and challenges with those who truly understand - and offer new experiences that build confidence and life skills. 

As someone new to MYTIME Young Carers, I’ve quickly come to appreciate the profound impact our programs have. But MYTIME can’t do it alone. Our organisation relies entirely on fundraised funds, donations, and support from kind-hearted people like you. The government doesn’t fund our activities, so every bit of help counts. 

By supporting MYTIME, you’re not just fundraising for us or donating - you’re giving these children the chance to be kids, to explore, and to grow. Let’s work together to make more memories and create a brighter future for the young carers. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I’m proud to be a part of something truly impactful here at MYTIME and excited for the adventures ahead and to see the difference we can make together! 


With gratitude, 


MYTIME Young Carers