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Number of Young Carers:


Glenmoor & Winton Academies

Glenmoor and Winton have been a school on our Level Up Programme from the very beginning and have helped us shape the programme into what it is today. As a result, of having CPD for their pastoral and teaching staff the academies have appointed a Young Carer Champion who supports the children with an after-school club as well as monitoring their attendance and attainment.

The young carers at the academies have benefitted from Memory-Making Activities including monthly sessions at the Vitality Stadium with AFC Bournemouth Community Trust and a 3-day workshop with Create. Some of the academies' young carers have also been able to learn about the skills they have gained from their caring responsibility by participating in our Employability programme and attending our Careers Convention at Brockenhurst College.

We are excited about continuing this journey with the young carers and the staff and Glenmoor and Winton in the future.

On Their Experience

“Young carers have been on a journey and now they are front and centre- they have become part of the language when we talked about achievement of vulnerable groups, they were once on the periphery, but now they are so recognised.

I have found that the operational support and the CPD training for the pastoral team from MYTIME has been absolutely amazing.”

Samantha Viney


"I enjoy going to the young carers group as they do so many fun things and I get to make new friends."

~ Sara, aged 11

"I think it is reassuring knowing that there is someone else I can speak to when I feel that things are too much for me. It is good that there are other carers like me in the school, and also a group we can all attend that put on many activities for us." ~ Cole, aged 16