Facing your Fears: Raise Money & Squash what Scares You!

3rd Jan 2023

Face-Your-Fears Banner

At the start of the New Year, we often think about things we want to accomplish or embark on within the next 12 months. It’s a great time to set yourself a new challenge, goal or something to accomplish and we have a perfect way to put the new calendar year in motion while supporting young carers in Dorset. 

Our campaign called ‘Face Your Fears’ is in aid of our work at MYTIME Young Carers. You might have already guessed where this is going… It’s pretty simple really, think of something that scares you, then ask your friends, family and communities to sponsor you to do just that! 

Caitlin Skydive

Some of the team at MYTIME HQ have already embarked on their own fearful journeys to show their support for young carers across Dorset. Our Insights and Impact Officer, Caitlin, challenged her fears by doing a skydive! She has impressed the whole team by getting well out of her comfort zone, and onto a plane that she then jumped out of and soared through the sky! 

Caitlin said, “When thinking about facing my fears, I thought it doesn’t get much more scary than jumping out of a place tens of thousands of meters in the sky! It really pushed me and tested my limits! I chose this as a challenge to help raise awareness for the work that we do at MYTIME, within my wider personal and professional circles in a way that gets people talking. I was so nervous and very excited, but it was well worth it now I can reflect on the awareness I was able to raise for these amazing young people".

Krista Marathon

We also got our CEO, Krista, quaking in her boots (or running shoes) by embarking on the 26.4 mile London Marathon! 

She said, “As a child I loved running, but as an adult my limit is normally a nice gentle 5km at Park Run! 4 years ago, after a skiing accident, I was told that my knee wouldn't be able to handle long distance running. 

However, I have always dreamed of running the London Marathon and this year I finally got a ballot place. I was so determined to get around for my beloved MYTIME Young Carers.

Young carers are the bravest and most resilient young people I have ever worked with, it's their courage and determination I was channelling on race day.” 

From running a marathon like Krista, to abseiling, or skydiving like Caitlin, there are countless physical challenges out there that can feel scary, but you don't have to push your body to its limits to face your fears.  

Maybe it's the thought of giving up chocolate for a month? Or shaving your head? Or singing in front of your family and friends? The options are endless. 

All that matters is that you face your fears and raise as much money as you can for MYTIME Young Carers while you're at it! But it’s not just our young carers that will benefit from your support: as a 12-year-old carer put it after one of our Making Memories activity days, “I’ve conquered my fears and that feels good!” 

Find out more and start fundraising for young carers across Dorset today: https://justgiving.com/campaign/faceyourfearsforMYTIME