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Number of Young Carers:


Burton C of E Primary School

Burton School were one of the earliest adopters of the Level Up Programme. Their pastoral and teaching staff have received CPD and appointed a Young Carer Champion. Since working with MYTIME, the school have identified 12 more young carers who they now support through a weekly group and signposting to MYTIME and the local authority.

Burton School have enjoyed assemblies from us teaching their students about young carers and have let us pilot PSHE lessons to some of their KS1 and KS2 students which we now intend to roll out to our other schools.

The young carers at the school have received a lot of support from MYTIME including a Making Memories day out to Adventure Pirates to celebrate Carers Rights Day in November 2021 as well as Christmas parcels in 2020 and 2021. Additionally, some students have also received free counselling through the Leonardo Trust.

We look forward to continuing working with Burton School in the future.

On their Experience

"It is SUCH a privilege to work with MYTIME, as it really is a totally children-centred charity that provides practical help and solution-focused approaches, not just rhetoric."

Jane Pope
Pastoral Care Worker & Young Carer Champion


"The support we, as a school, have had from MYTIME has been amazing and inspiring. They provide a safe space for our young carers to be themselves; help in practical ways as well as providing emotional support and have provided training to staff to enable us to be more aware of and sensitive to the needs of this special group of children.”

Alison Trimmings


"I used to be so scared that people would find out about my mum and now I tell them."

~ Alex, aged 8

"I know that everyone knows what a young carer is now and I am not scared someone will find out anymore."

~ Emma, aged 10