Bishop Aldhelm's Sponsored Walk for MYTIME Young Carers

14th May 2024


On Friday, April 26th, Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School became the epicentre of an extraordinary and heartwarming event. Thirty-five young carers, aged 3 to 11, embarked on a sponsored walk around the school grounds, raising funds for our charity that supports young people who care for a loved one at home. The challenge was no small feat with some children walking as far as three miles on top of their school day of learning!

The entire school community rallied behind this fantastic initiative. Various staff members walked alongside the children, offering encouragement and applause. Families of the young carers joined as spectators, and some even joined their children for a few laps. At the starting line, Kelly Hawkins, the inspirational pastoral lead and 'Young Carer Champion,' addressed the children with emotional words of admiration, highlighting their incredible efforts to support their families.

The event reached its heartwarming conclusion as all young carers crossed the finish line together, cheered on by staff, parents, the headteacher, members of the MYTIME Young Carers team and even the school mascot! Refreshments and cakes were served, providing a well-deserved treat after their efforts. Kelly Hawkins, the driving force behind the event, was honoured by MYTIME for her hard work and dedication, receiving a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation.

In total, Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School raised an impressive sum for MYTIME Young Carers, nearly £1000! Beyond the monetary contribution, the event served as a powerful demonstration of solidarity, bringing together children, staff, and parents to celebrate the resilience and determination of these remarkable young people in our communities.

This event exemplifies the spirit of community and compassion, demonstrating the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals come together to support a worthy cause. Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School has not only raised funds but also fostered a sense of unity and support for young carers, creating lasting memories and inspiring future acts of kindness.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in making this event a success, and we look forward to continuing our mission of levelling the playing field for young carers in our community.

Together, we can make a difference for these amazing young people.