Young Carers Action Day


MYTIME Young Carers is proud to support Young Carers Action Day (YCAD) by engaging its community to participate in the event’s call to action and by securing widespread coverage of the day across regional TV, radio and print media.

What is YCAD? 

Young Carers Action Day (YCAD) is run by the Carers Trust and it exists to raise awareness of young carers and the incredible contribution they make to their families and local communities. As part of the campaign each year, young carers and young carer charities call upon their communities to increase support for young people with caring responsibilities.

Each year, the day attracts widespread participation and publicity from young carer communities and the wider public. The event aims to draw attention to the importance of young carers and the role they play in their families, as well as the community at large. The event attracts huge social media engagement with young carers and young adult carers all over the UK, sharing images, messages and other content like video, blogs and art. Each year, a theme is selected to highlight a specific area of focus in young carers' lives. 

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Young Carer Action Day is:

March 15, 2023

This year’s Young Carer Action Day theme is 'Make Time for Young Carers'

To decide this year’s theme, The Carers Trust chatted with hundreds of young carers at festivals in Hampshire, Wales and Scotland.  The one issue that kept coming up was just how important their health and wellbeing is to them.

We know it’s easy for young carers to start feeling overwhelmed because of everything they need to do for their caring role on top of all their schoolwork and revising for exams. What young carers told us was that it doesn’t need to be this way. They think the things that would make them feel less overwhelmed, healthier and happier are:

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Improved support in schools

arrow-right-triangle-blk  More access to breaks,

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Better access to counselling support

arrow-right-triangle-blk  More financial support


The Carers Trust have a number of helpful downloadable resources for Young Carers Action Day.
You’ll find resources both for young and young adult carers as well as teachers and professionals working with them.

Access Resources

To celebrate Young Carers Action Day, MYTIME will create a campaign that encourages accountability, kindness, caring and community spirit

This will include:

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Bringing together as many young carers as we can

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Sharing content created by young carers for young carers, their peers and teachers in schools to help spread awareness

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Generating donations to fund the programmes which protect young carers' futures

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Inviting people to take action by showing young carers they care

arrow-right-triangle-blk  Encouraging people to sign the Young Carers National Voice petition to make it a law for schools to support young carers

How will you show your support?

We’re open to your ideas on how we can celebrate this year's Young Carers Action Day. For more information on what MYTIME Young Carers is planning or to have a conversation and share ideas, get in touch here: