Angelina Parker- Assistant Principal Glenmoor and Winton Academies

‘MYTIME came in and ran some CPD with our already very strong pastoral team. This allowed them to go back and review the list of students they support, helping them to identify a group of students who had previously not been identified as young carers and get them access to really beneficial support.’

After attending two of the Making Memories experiences organised by MYTIME Young Carers, they came back with huge smiles and buzzing faces but most importantly they got to meet other young carers in the same boat as them and to have a chance to play and be children.


Young Carer (Age 14)

‘Today was amazing, it was great. Really enjoyed hanging out with other young carers and knowing they know what it’s like’

Young Carer (Age 11)

‘Being a young carer sometimes makes me feel frustrated because everything is on me. I’m quick to get angry and I think that’s why days like today help me to relax.’

Young carer (Age 15)

‘Sometimes people don’t understand what we do and they judge us. That’s when we get bullied. In our school young carer group everyone understands.’


I sooooooo wish you could have been here to see the children's faces when I delivered their Christmas bags of goodies!!!!

It was SO wonderful, and they were so thrilled to be the centre of attention and to be recognised rather than invisible.


Just as a little aside it is our Christmas jumper day today and 4 of our fabulous young carer children who usually "chose not to take part" are walking around proud as punch in gorgeous Christmas jumpers!!! Interesting how this year they have "chosen" to join in!

Never stop the amazing work you do!

You are all fantastic!