At MYTIME, we are always in awe of the kindness shown to our cause. Our team whats app is forever buzzing with excitement highlighting donations, feedback and offers of community support.

Day in, day out, there is always something to delight us. We are so grateful for the donations and grants we receive, and we think very carefully about how we spend your money.

When you dig deep for us, we know that it is because you want to show your appreciation, admiration and support for the incredible young carers we serve and because you want to help us on our mission to level the playing field. That is why every penny we receive goes either directly, or indirectly, towards the young carers themselves.

We aim for total transparency, so take a look below and see for yourself just where your money goes.

Programme Costs

Most of the donations and grants we receive are used to fund our programmes and so are spent directly on our young carers. Your money might contribute towards our Memory-Making Programme and pay for a fun and enriching activity day for 20 young carers to enjoy together. It might go towards our R&R Retreat Programme and fund a whole weekend away for our deserving beneficiaries. Alternatively, it could help us fund our School Support Programme or Employability Programme and, in turn, help to level the playing field for young carers in the world of education or work. Whichever programme your donation contributes towards, you can be sure that we are using it to provide enhanced support, opportunities and friendship to the young carer community we serve.

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Awareness-raising work

We take an educational approach to everything we do. Whether through research, through producing and distributing educational materials, through shouting loud on social media or through holding community events, we aim to raise awareness of the young carer title, to create an understanding of the work they do and to develop a culture of respect for these incredible young people. We exist to champion and celebrate young carers, and your donations allow us to make our message heard.

Outdoor centre

We know how fortunate we are to own our wonderful outdoor centre in the heart of the beautiful Purbecks. It is here that we host our weekend retreats for young carers and many of our activity days. Every year, the centre provides countless young carers with welcome opportunities to take much-needed breaks from their caring responsibilities and to retreat to the peace and tranquillity of the great outdoors. For some, it represents a place of relaxation, for others, a place of adventure and freedom. Most of all, it is a place where young carers can come together with members of their community - a place that young carers can call their own. Some of your donations pay for the centre’s upkeep and allow us to maintain this precious asset. 

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Fundraising work

We never take a donation for granted, no matter how small. We are blessed to have a terrific community of supporters behind us, and we count ourselves incredibly lucky every time a member of that community chooses to donate. That said, we cannot rely entirely on the spontaneous donations of the public. To be able to continue to provide young carers with the varied range of services we currently offer, and to be able to reach as many young carers as we possibly can, it is vital that we reinvest some of our funding into further fundraising efforts. Through community fundraising events, crowdfunding campaigns, bids for grants, and our centre’s rental to visiting tourists, we ensure that our work remains financially sustainable and robust, but these things take time and money. A donation that contributes towards our fundraising work is likely to multiply and is essential to ensure the future of MYTIME.