It’s really important that you let your school, college or university know about your caring responsibilities.

We understand that depending on your circumstances this can feel a bit scary and you might not know who the right person to speak with is.

Our Communication Manager Ellie was a young carer. 

Her advice is this:

“When I was at school all I wanted was for someone to notice that I had too much on my plate. I couldn’t articulate my experience, I didn’t want to share - I didn’t know how to. I just wanted someone to be able to see me.

I didn’t really get noticed and my grades suffered.

If you’re a young carer reading this and you can relate please find someone who you can trust at school to speak with. It will help you so much.

I turned down lots of opportunities because I didn’t speak up about my circumstances and didn’t know how I could fit university and travelling in with my caring responsibilities.

Although I worked from the age of 16 and went to college, I waited until I was 24 to start at university.

It was there that I was finally honest about my life. By the time I got to university I was much more open about my experiences and caring responsibilities. The support I received at university was absolutely incredible and made a huge difference to my success. I only wish I had sought help much sooner.”

6 Help at School
We’ve designed a School Support Programme to help young carers like you and Ellie.


This programme increases the awareness of young carers in schools and helps teachers and support staff to understand your needs and make sure you reach your full potential.


Through our school support programme we’ll help to tackle issues like late arrivals, missing homework, bullying and much more. We’ll also help your school to set up a young carers network so you know who the other young carers are and can meet to connect with them.


If you’re interested in finding out more or would like your school to sign up to our programme they can get in touch with us.


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